Cleaning Up Your Life in 5 Steps!


Create a clean & pure life in 5 Easy Steps!

Have you become more grossly aware of how toxic common household cleaners are, but feel like there really aren’t any better options? If you are someone who wants to take some control over this situation there are some easy steps to help you get to a cleaner home, with no harmful toxins.  To me, being clean means getting rid of the man made, toxic chemicals in your house and body. There are many variations and degrees of cleanliness- from using vinegar as a cleaner to eating only organic produce. The one thing that we can all agree on is that developing clean habits is much easier when you don’t feel judged! We don’t mind what other people are doing…. to each their own, but we love educating people.  If you are ready to take the steps to living more purely, let’s do it together! Seriously, nobody is perfect!

The 5 Steps to a Pure Home

Step 1

Let go of any feelings of judgement or guilt. Who has time for it? We have cleaning to do! The first step is the hardest to take! It doesn’t matter what you did yesterday, today is a fresh start!

Step 2

Take charge of your decisions! Lay out a plan and get your spouse or housemates on board!

Step 3

Make a new choice! Start with either pure cleaning or your diet. I suggest cleaning, it’s the easiest. What do you need? Start with these two staples!

become crunchy

#1: Vinegar– it’s a great all-purpose cleaner. Vinegar has a pH of 2.4 so it really cleans well. Buy a spray bottle, or reuse an old one and fill it half with water and half with vinegar. You’ve just made an all-purpose cleaner! Add about 30 drops of lemon, tea tree or lavender essential oil for a more desirable smell! You can clean anything with it- stove tops, counters, sinks, toilets, walls, doorknobs, etc.

#2 Castile Soap is a real soap made of 100% olive oil.This means it can be diluted with water a great deal and last you a long time. This saves money! We use castile soap for our dish soap and purpose cleaner!

Most people like the smell of a clean and disinfected home, but that common idea and the “smell of clean” you associate with it usually comes chocked full of toxic chemicals!

Unintended Farms Dish It Up! Liquid Dish Soap

Step 4

Take baby steps! Don’t try to change everything because it will be too overwhelming. Plus if you try to change it all at once, the odds are that your household will freak out. Take on one major change and then when that feels comfortable, take the next step. Do what what feels natural when it feels right. We started with our laundry detergent first!

Step 5

CommitStop buying junk! Slowly start getting rid of products that you just aren’t comfortable with. Particularly the ones with giant warning labels! Stop using it and buying it! Discard it and feel better doing so! Use the Environmental Working Group‘s website to check out products in your home that you aren’t comfortable with and start from there. Do this gradually and over time you will have really changed into a clean and eco-friendly person that you are proud to be! Voting with your dollars by making wise and informed decisions will help make our entire world a cleaner place!

What have you changed in your life so far? What do you still want to change?