The January Gardener Blues

Gardening in January

January can be a slow and cold month. Many people find this time of year to be dreary, but what we find is it is a great month to start planning ahead to get over those gray day blues. Seed catalogs are showing up in the mail, so why not start daydreaming about the months ahead!

In Oregon, we are blessed to have access to the OSU Extension office. They are always a wonderful resource for information if you are looking for what crops would be good to start planting now!

Order Seeds

The first thing that we recommend is drawing out your garden on a piece of paper. Create a diagram! This tip will save you time and money in the long run!

The Last Frost

As tempting as it is to get your seeds in the ground. It is important to wait until the last frost of the year. This date will vary by your location and can vary a bit year to year. Figuring out this date is the most important thing you can do during January.  Everything you want to do in the spring and summer will depend on it!

Crops to Start in January

You will want to start most of your seed indoors. In general, you will be planting the cold loving crops that take a long time to grow, but that you can move outside later in the season.

Vegetables and Herbs To Start in January

  • Asparagus
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Cabbage
  • Parsley
  • Onions
  • Shallots
  • Chives
  • Thyme
  • Sage
  • Marjoram
  • Cilantro

The last frost date for our area in the Umpqua Valley in Oregon is May 15th. So if you are from a different area, double check your frost dates and adjust the planting schedule accordingly. These crops can be planted in the ground once it is warm, but if you are looking at more frost in your area covering your crops would be recommended.


Soil preparation is a hugely important part of any garden. January is a great time to work with your dirt. As long as it isn’t frozen, this is a great time to start turning it. This will expose insect eggs and larvae for the birds to take care of.

If you are rearranging the structure of your garden or building new beds, January is a perfect time to work on it!


Seedlings that are started indoors don’t really need a lot of fertilizing. When they grow a few inches, they can benefit from a diluted application of fish emulsion, or another organic fertilizer.


Turn to your compost pile! Then turn it again and maybe one more time for good measure. Begin adding the composted organic material to your beds!

So, if you are feeling down and wish you could get started in the garden now, fret not. You can! Just bundle up and get to work!

Grammy’s Sweet Lemon Laundry Sauce FAQ

Grammy's Sweet Lemon Laundry Sauce

Grammy’s Sweet Lemon Laundry Sauce Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How much do I use per load?  – Just 1 tablespoon will wash a regular size, reasonably dirty load of laundry. However, for added softness we recommend 2 or if you just like it and want to use half the jar, be our guest! This product is gentle enough that you don’t have to worry about it eating holes in your washables.

2. Does it work in a high efficiency washer & dryer? – Yes! However, you must put it in     the rear of the detergent drawer, dilute it in a 1/2 cup of water, or simply scoop into  clothing chamber. Really we just throw some in and it works! 

3. Can you make it in a bigger size than a quart? Nothing is impossible, but at this time     my method involves using regular mouthed mason jars… so no, but perhaps if by               special order. We never turn down reasonable offers. We could probably fill a large             pickle jar with one batch. 

4. Can you make a batch without essential oils? Absolutely! Just ask!

5. Does it build up my septic tank? No! Unlike big box store brands of detergents, our         laundry sauce helps break it down! Just one more added benefit!

6. Is it really just 4 ingredients? Yep! Cross our hearts! 

7. Does it cure poison oak? Ok, it’s not snake oil or anything, but rub a little on your             rash! It’ll help dry it out!

8. Does it suds up? Kind of! You’ll see a few bubbles because of the washing soda! Not like box store brands, but you don’t that anyways!

9. Where can I get this wonderful Laundry Sauce? Currently we are offering the Laundry Sauce at the Umpqua Valley Farmer’s Market on Saturdays from 10-2 and the Riverside Market at Glaser Estate Winery from 1-7 on Thursdays which are both located in Roseburg, Oregon.

UCC T-Shirt Fundraiser


Last week our town was rocked by tragedy. Last week our community lost 9 precious lives to a senseless act of violence that we just can’t wrap our heads around. All we can do is hope, pray, grieve, and then help in the ways that we can. It is all we can do because this event is literally all that we can think about.

I am proud to say that I am a UCC Alumni. I sat on the student body council as the Public Relations officer from 2003-2004. My adult life started while I was at Umpqua Community College. I made many life-long friends there, learned valuable lessons, and chose my career path as an entrepreneur and graphic artist. I sat in Snyder Hall in that very room for Writing 121. Not in a million years would I have imaged that such a horrific act would happen there on October 1, 2015.

We ask that our Umqpua Valley Farmer’s Market Community and beyond help us in reaching our goal by raising funds with this exclusive #IAmUCC design long sleeved tee. Sport your green and show your love for UCC! They are directly shipped to you for $5 or shipped to us for free and we’ll have them available in Roseburg at the Farmer’s Market at our booth for pick-up. These must be ordered online though through Booster!

100% of proceeds and donations will be delivered directly to Umpqua Bank via check by at the end of the fundraiser!

13 days left in this fundraiser! We are at 31 shirts sold as of today towards our 50! Please share this link with your friends and family!

Thanks in advance!

Erin Vee, Unintended Farms