As many of you know, in addition to Unintended Farms, I also run a small graphic design studio out of the farm during the week! This week it has been exceptionally hard to watch the Facebook feeds from the pipeline protest. People being held in cages like animals, given numbers reminding us of concentration camps, shot with rubber bullets,  and the protectors were sprayed with pepper spray repeatedly. This is not an issue we can ignore. These are not protesters they are peaceful water protectors! While many are headed to North Dakota to help, many of us cannot leave our homes given our current situations. That does not mean that the longing to help isn’t there! We want you to take a stand from where you are by helping us send support! I have created this design to represent the Great Spirit that took the form of a buffalo heard showing up last week!
The Dakota access pipeline is slated to run through the Missouri and Cannon Ball Rivers and poses a serious threat to the water supply of the Native American tribes along with 18 million residents that live along it’s path. In Lakota Mni Wiconi means Water is Life. Last week our water protectors were hit hard with harder hits sure to come. Help us support and sponsor the Water Protectors and sponsor a few friends headed that way to stand on the front lines!
When you buy this shirt you are supporting those who are protecting our future and our water. All proceeds will be distributed between existing Standing Rock camp/supply gofundme sites as well as 2 $100 sponsorships for those leaving in late November/December for North Dakota immediately after the campaign ends.
Take a stand. Protect our water from where you are. It’s time to save our mother!
With no clean water, there are no veggies, no herbs, no health and no future. When will we learn that we cannot drink oil? There is no amount of money worth this kind of destruction. It’s 2016 and with new green technologies it seems that we can find a better way.
Please buy one a shirt if you can and share the design with your friends!
~Erin & Rich

Unintended Farms Stands with Standing Rock #NoDAPL

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20500

Mr. Denis McDonough
The White House
Chief of Staff to the President
1600 Pennsylvania Ave, N.W.

Ms. Jo-Ellen Darcy
Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works)
108 Army Pentagon
Washington, DC 20310

Dear President Obama,
Dear Mr. McDonough and Assistant Secretary Darcy,

We submit this letter to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline. We stand in solidarity and support of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and other communities in their fight against this dangerous and destructive pipeline. Oil pipelines break, spill and leak—it’s not a question of if, it’s a question of where and when. In fact, a route close to Bismarck was deemed not viable due to its proximity to Bismarck, and the fact that the route crossed through or in close proximity to several wellhead source water protection areas, including areas that contribute water to municipal water supply wells. Yet despite these real consequences, the Army Corps of Engineers (“Army Corps”) never took a hard look at the impacts of an oil spill on the Tribe, as the law requires. No explanation has been provided as to why the health of, and protection of water resources on which, Standing Rock Sioux Tribal members depend are any less significant or vital as those of the City of Bismarck.

Instead, now the pipeline is set to run through land that is sacred to the Tribe. Federal
law requires that sacred places be protected in consultation with the Tribe, but the Corps has not complied with that requirement, either. We ask that the Administration take a step back and slow down its consideration of the Dakota Access Pipeline—the Corps must carefully consider all of the impacts to the Tribe before issuing any approvals. The Dakota Access pipeline does not have the easement from the Corps of Engineers to cross Lake Oahe. As the trustee to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and all tribes, do not grant the final easement until further review of the project is guaranteed.146678-1 Your Administration has a treaty and trust responsibility to protect all Indian nations’ water resources and must take action now to ensure the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s rights are recognized and resources are safeguarded for future generations.

Rich and Erin Keller, Owners, Unintended Farms


(Submitted October 31, 2016)

Please join us in solidarity with the water protectors in North Dakota. We stand with Standing Rock! #NoDAPL #WaterisLife #SaveourFuture #DrMrPresident